LIFT4SKIN is the sister brand of LONG4LASHES - the market leader in eyelash growth products. As with LONG4LASHES products, the effects of LIFT4SKIN cosmetics are astounding. Both lines combine advanced technologies with highly effective formulas that allow to go beyond conventional cosmetology.

The LIFT4SKIN cosmetics line is revolutionary in beauty care. It was developed for women seeking modern and advanced beauty care solutions that are able to guarantee spectacular and immediate results. The formulas respond to the needs of mature skin with visible signs of aging, wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity.

The secret of the cosmetics is the unique active ingredient - SYN®-AKE, present in the highest concentration among the products available on the market. This biomimetic tripeptide was modelled on the venomous toxin of the royal snake, the Temple Viper, which, in the appropriate concentration, relaxes facial muscles preventing the micro-contractions responsible for the appearance of mimic wrinkles.

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