Anti-Hair Loss Treatment for Men

The problem of premature hair loss affects more and more men these days. Although the most common cause of male hair loss are hormonal factors, there are other factors that can negatively impact hair condition, such as improper diet, long-term stress, and even taking medication. Fortunately, a quick treatment with proper care products can effectively prevent excessive hair loss and stimulate them to grow.

The Long4Lashes Men line is a comprehensive treatment that addresses the most common causes of hair loss in men. Its effectiveness is due to Tetraxidilum - a complex of four active ingredients: PDPO (aminexil derivative), biotin, argan oil, and provitamin B5. Tetraxidilum stimulates microcirculation, nourishes and rebuilds hair bulbs, prolongs the growth phase and stimulates new hair growth.

Long4Lashes Men's Anti-Hair Loss Line consists of three products: the serum, at the basis of the treatment, and two shampoos that complement the treatment – an anti-hair loss shampoo, and a strengthening anti-dandruff shampoo.

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